About us

CJRN provides a network and forum where staff and research students from different schools and faculties can meet and exchange ideas.

CJRN is an exciting interdisciplinary initiative that aims to bring together academics, researchers and students with an interest in crime and justice across all schools, faculties and centres at the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

The Network aims to:

  • support and attract research students to UNSW;
  • promote the research potential of UNSW in criminology;
  • organise seminars and conferences on crime and justice issues;
  • develop links with key organisations both within and outside UNSW.

The CJRN was established as an initiative of Professor Chris Cunneen: Conjoint Professor, Law Faculty, UNSW. In 2005 five cross-faculty chairs were established with the view to developing and enhancing inter-disciplinary collaborative research.

Professor Julie Stubbs is the current Director of the CJRN

Contact us

If you are interested in joining the Criminal Justice Research Network or being notified about its activities please contact either: Professor Julie Stubbs or  Kristin Moore