The Crime and Justice Research Network (CJRN) is: a broad-based affiliation of academics, researchers and students with an interest in crime and justice issues. The CJRN has been established as an initiative of the NewSouth Global Chair in Criminology. The primary objective of the CJRN is: to promote the discipline of criminology across the University and position UNSW as a key centre for study and research in criminology, both nationally and internationally. To achieve this objective the CJRN will: draw on the existing expertise in criminology and crime and justice-related fields which exists within the University across a range of faculties, schools and centres. The aims of the CJRN are to:

  • promote high quality research through collaborative inter-disciplinary projects;
  • provide an intellectually supportive environment for staff and postgraduate students engaged in research;
  • attract competitive research grants;
  • promote closer contact with industry partners;
  • promote joint tenders for consultancy research and evaluation;
  • promote undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in criminology.

The activities of the CJRN will include:

  • Regular seminars for staff and students to discuss research
  • Ad hoc public seminars for visiting academics and other specialist visitors
  • A website to promote the CJRN activities, criminology and criminology-related courses and other matters of interest
  • The promotion of research opportunities and the coordination of research applications where appropriate
  • An annual CJRN Public Lecture
  • Hosting conferences at UNSW on related issues