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Social justice and a healthier, safer world through better drug policies and laws

The NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Medical Marijuana has been delivered: Committee chairwoman Sarah Mitchell, a Nationals MP, said the committee had unanimously supported the use of cannabis-based products or prescription use after considering scientific evidence that cannabis has particular value in the treatment of pain.

The full report can be found here

Hearings, transcripts and submissions here

Submissions to the NSW Inquiry into Medical Marijuana are definitely worth reading, ADLaRI's is number 54.


The NDARC Drug Policy Modelling Program lists Australian illicit drug policies here and also maintains The Australian (illicit) drug policy timeline 1985-2012

An overview by the DPMP of the legislative threshold for drug posession in Australia, examining State and Territory differences can be found here

A presentation from the recent Drug Policy Modelling Program Symposium: 'Introduction to drug law reform options: Clarifying terminology'