Australian Justice Reinvestment Project – UNSW team launches AJR website

Justice Reinvestment (JR) is a promising approach used in the US and elsewhere to reduce spending on prisons and reinvest the savings in high crime communities, in order to reduce crime and build community services. The Australian Justice Reinvestment Project (AJR Project) based at UNSW in partnership with JCU, is a two year ARC Discovery project which is examining 1) the theoretical foundations of JR and 2) the suitability of JR to the Australian penal context.

The AJR website is a ‘go to’ place for researchers and others in the community interested in JR in Australia. The site will house a bibliographic database with all of the key JR documents in Australia and around the world, as well as serving as a repository of in–progress and completed AJR Project research. There will also be a dedicated section to links to a variety of sites and materials useful to other researchers.

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