The basic facts

Social justice and a healthier, safer world through better drug policies and laws

The facts about drug use, drug policy and drug law and the harms inherent in drug prohibition and enforcement

Transform has released an excellent resource: Debating drugs: How to make the case for legal regulation. All the facts and arguments clearly organised and supported.

Count the Costs is a collaborative project between a range of organisations that, while representing a diverse range of expertise and viewpoints, share a desire to reduce the unintended costs of the war on drugs. The project marks the 50th anniversary year of the 1961 UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. The website presents a comprehensive examination of the intended and unintended costs of the War On Drugs.

Economic cost

Mr Derick Cullen and Mr Adam Gajewski from the Australian Bureau of Statistics presented a paper at the recent Drug Policy Modelling Program Symposium (NDARC) entitled: Measuring the illegal drug economy within the National Accounts Framework 


Operation Polaris has recently reported to the Australian Attorney General after a 2 year, multi agency investigation into corruption rampant Australia's border control services: "The March 2012 report on Operation Polaris found that known organised criminals or people with strong links to organised crime groups are targeting and exploiting workers on the waterfront and in the cargo supply chain
both in the public and private sectors. This has resulted in the subversion of employees in the sector, and the importation of drugs and other illicit substances into Australia" F
act sheets on Polaris released by the AG department can be found here

An extensive list of links, media articles, legislation and cases pertaining to police corruption, including drug related corruption in NSW has been compiled on the ABC 4 Corners site here.

Also from the 4 Corners archives - a 2004 Jonathon Holmes story on a disastrous Victoria Police policy of ''çontrolled chemical delivery''

The 1987 Fitzgerald Report on corruption in Queensland can be found here

Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service Final Report, 1997 - Volume 1 (Wood Report) here

A Sydney Morning Herald article by Malcolm Brown on the corrosive effect of drug money on police and law enforcement

Drug Use

A report by NDARC: Trends in Drug Use and Related Harms in Australia, 2001 to 2011 can be found here


The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy has recently released a report, co-authored by Dr Evan Wood, examining the correlation between expenditure on drug-law enforcement and escalation of drug-related violence. "Effect of Drug Law Enforcement on Drug-Related Violence"