Australian Drug Law Reform Initiative

Social justice and a healthier, safer world through better drug policies and laws


A new UNSW student society to support drug law reform: Unharm has started a student chapter on the UNSW campus. The facebook group can be found here. The president is Frosina Gjorgievska. The society will be recruiting in O Week.

ADLaRI supports for the call for drug law reform by the Criminal Law Committee of the NSW Bar Association:

UNSW law students under the supervision of Alex Steel made a considerable contribution to the preparation of a report on drug law reform by the Criminal Law Committee of the NSW Bar Association.

  • "The committee has concluded that prohibition has been largely ineffective at preventing the availabilityof prohibited drugs or in decreasing levels of use. Given the harm to individuals and society that resultsfrom prohibition, the time has come to give serious consideration to alternatives. ‘As lawyers we have a responsibility to speak out if we conclude that the law needs reform. That point has been reached', Mr Odgers said
  • The full Media Release can be found here  and the full report here

Drug use and addiction have reached dimensions that affect the rule of law and the future of global health. A commitment to better drug policies must now include attention to social justice and the reduction of harms and costs; this requires systematic reform of present drug laws in Australia and, in due course, internationally.

Our multidisciplinary approach to drug policy and law reform aims to:

  • encourage the development of evidence-based policy, law and practice;
  • contribute to public education about appropriate regulation of drugs;
  • develop and publish on our website curriculum materials for general reference and for use in tertiary education about drug law reform in law, criminology, medicine and other disciplines;
  • encourage the inclusion of such teaching in course curricula;
  • facilitate links with other institutions for the exchange of research and teaching materials and the development of new approaches.