Criminal Justice in the Media

Not necessarily in chronological order, this collection of media articles and links is loosely grouped in subjects.Follow the links to pages with larger collections of articles and commentary.

NSW, where 'Law and order', politics and policy is seemingly always on the boil. A collection of links, articles and commentary about criminal justice in NSW can be found here

NSW Bail Act - we've given this its own page as the inquiries, legislative changes and discussion roll on over the years

Domestic violence: The real crisis in law and order in NSW & Australia is finally getting some media exposure - articles and commentary can be found here

Policing, Police Culture and Corruption: Policing our streets - always a fraught issue as we attempt to maintain the delicate balance between policing by consent, community protection and overpolicing. A collection of articles, commentary, links and stories on policing can be found here

Incarceration sentencing and recidivism: The always thorny issue of punishment is frequently the spark that ignites politics, media and the public. A collection of links, articles and commentary can be found here

Social Media and the Law

Juvenile Justice

  • Responding to a 2010 Review of Effective Practice in Juvenile Justice, the NSW Govt has announced the introduction (in selected areas) of a multi-agency, targeted program designed to intervene in young offenders and at-risk children's trajectory towards incarceration and adult offending. An encouraging move towards Justice Reinvestment .. We will update this news with responses and comment when it appears.
  • A great article with links to a longer BBC talk about the links between growing up on Britain's 'sink estates' and juvenile and adult crime by poet Byron Vincent (BBC 20.2.14)

Sexual assault and sexual violence:

  • In the Herald Sun (30th July 2013) Victorian Police Commissioner Ken Lay directly and clearly addresses men and boys on the issue of sexual molestation, violence and victim blaming.
  • Shocking rates of sexual assault and low reporting rates have been revealed in Australia's civilian Universities by a National Students Union study. This article in the Adelaide Advertiser (30th July

Terrorism, National Security, Federal issues:

Robert Manne writes in The Age (19.01.2016): 'Australia's clash of ideologies is destroying the lives of people being held in offshore detention'

Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs says her most significant concerns on the proposed Federal bill to change the way control orders work relate to the provisions for secret evidence writes Paul Farrell in The Guardian 15.12.2015

Great interview - labelling, radicalisation and inclusiveness:  Muslim Women's Association CEO (ABC 730 9.10.2015)

Meet the gun-toting anti-Muslim 'crusader' leading the United Patriots Front - (The Age, 8.11.2015)

The federal government is actively undermining a range of vital checks and balances and stifling criticism of its actions. This is corrosive for democracy and human rights: Hugh De Kretser (The Age 25.2.2015)

Andrew Wilkie accuses the government of exploiting terror fears to rush through national security laws 

Australian Nightmares: the rise of a police state The Conversation

Why Australia's War on Bikies will inevitably lead to failure (The Conversation 29.7)

General and International

When justice becomes top ranking television and investigations are rushed: 'The First 48' top rating US TV series under the spotlight (Broward Palm Beach New Times, 16.1.2014) compares this with the findings in Australia's defence academies.

In a powerful blog post on Human rights activist Martin Hodgson writes about the acquittal of George Zimmerman of the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida, and the threads that connect this decision to cases such as the Mulrunji case in Palm Island.

Radio National's Law Report's excellent 3 part documentary series examining a homicide trial from the points of view of all participants: The Trial of Leon Borthwick can be heard here

Behind The Bench: An excellent series of recent articles in the Sydney Morning Herald offers a frank and revelatory insight into the NSW Judiciary and their views on Criminal Justice, Sentencing, bail laws and other aspects of judicial life. (Reporters Geesche Jacobsen, Deborah Snow, Joel Gibson and Elisabeth Sexton).

In the US, a Columbia Law professor examines the fallibility of eyewitness testimony and asks why there is still such a reliance on it.

An interesting podcast can be found here from IRISS in the UK - ''Public Criminology' in which leading criminologists explore the role of criminology in society.

Guns in America, brilliant journalism by ProPublica - as usual, settle down for a long read, many articles!